Energy Healing

Prana, Qi / Chi / Ki, Chakras, Meridians: Many terms for what is essentially our crucial, vital energy system. Although we may not be able to see the energy body – we feel it and know when our energy system needs to cleanse and re-charge. This can result in a general feeling of “not feeling yourself,” that includes a lack of energy and vitality or feeling “stuck” and unable to move forward freely.

Our energy systems are affected daily by our thoughts, emotions, life situations, habits and stressors from our environment that affect our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Oftentimes we want to work on a physical issue, but our physical ailments are merely a symptom of a deeper root cause. Energy work can help reveal and shift emotional, mental or spiritual blocks that show up in our physical body. It is subtle but very powerful work.


Getting energy work helps to support all the major systems of the body that rely on our vital energy to be evenly balanced and distributed for optimal functioning.

Chakra Assessment and Re-Balancing

Have your chakra (energy centers) assessed, cleared, re-balanced and energized in a custom-designed session using the following modalities as needed:

Reiki / Prana Healing

Directing and enhancing vital life force energy to areas in the energetic and physical body. This practice can be hands-on or with minimal touch if required.


Crystal Healing

High-vibrational crystals are used on and around the body for specific energy centers to break up blockages and enhance the flow of energy.


Sound Healing

The use of Tuning Forks, Tibetan and Crystal bowls may be used on or around the body. Sound can easily penetrate the body to work directly on internal muscles, organs and energy centers to break through blockages and to stimulate a harmonious flow of energy.


To experience a personal energy session, please contact Jennifer directly to inquire.

Initial session: 1.5 – 2 hours
Follow-up sessions: 1 hour