Spring Yoga Retreat with Jennifer – Sunday April 19th, 2020 at Green Gulch Zen Center, Muir Beach CA

Enjoy a full day of rejuvenation – close to home but worlds away at the beautiful Green Gulch Zen Center. We will be nestled among trails that wander through an organic farm, flower gardens and the Marin Headlands to Muir Beach. Join Jennifer for morning Vinyasa Flow Yoga and guided meditation in the garden, Farm-to-table lunch, Restorative Yoga with live Sound & Energy Healing, options for hiking, reflection time and more! Come for renewal, zen vibes, and the Zen Center’s famous baked bread.

Enroll early, space is limited.
Rates: $145 – (before March 18th) // $155 – after March 18th
Includes a full day of yoga, optional activities and lunch from 9am-5pm.


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Past Retreats and Workshops:


Jennifer hosts yoga retreats in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond for those looking to practice in a natural setting, eat healthy food and rejuvenate. Retreats include Vinyasa Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Guided Meditation and optional activities such as hiking, massage and more with plenty of free time to read, write or just relax.

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Contact Jennifer if you are interested in having her host a retreat or present a workshop.

Past Retreat Locations:

• 1-day retreats at Green Gulch Zen Center in Marin
• 2-day retreats at the West Point Inn on Mount Tamalpais
• 1-day retreats in Sonoma


Taking a workshop can help deepen your practice. The following, unique workshops designed by Jennifer are available:


Embodied Writing© Workshop
(Yoga & Creative Writing Workshop). Did you know the body has a story to tell? Experiment with various techniques from yoga, kundalini, qi gong and more – integrated with unique writing prompts. Write from a place of deep listening and get in touch with the body’s natural wisdom.

Developing a Home Practice
(includes a modular, yoga sequence to take home). Learn the basics of creating a safe and fun Vinyasa yoga sequence. Once you learn the hows and whys – you can practice on your own and change it up as needed.

Yoga and the Chakras
Learn about the energy centers and how to work with them.

Restorative Yoga Workshop
Perfect for those who need a gentle practice and for those who need to de-stress and calm the mind.

Get Flowin’ – Vinyasa Yoga
Learn the basics of Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Yoga & Sound Healing
Yoga with live music. There’s nothing better.

What people say:

After my day long workshop with Jennifer, the effects still linger on. Jennifer is the best!” – Saeeda H.

“Jennifer has been the basis for which I compare all other yoga classes. She has consistently been the reset button for the ups and downs of my stressful life. Like a quick vacation, I leave feeling refreshed and energized.” – Nia R.

“Jennifer is a most empathic yoga teacher, one who can pull off the challenge of a large group with diverse levels and needs, and simultaneously address the problems of the lone struggler.” – Elgy G.

Jennifer’s retreats are a worthwhile experience. They’re carefully considered and well executed. You’ll be in an emotionally safe, happy place and your body and mind will say ‘thank you.’ – Bev E.

The space held by Jennifer for retreat participants allowed something to open up for me and I experienced a deep, inner sense of space. I have been in a period of intense activity for a long time and I enjoyed the retreat structure that allowed us the freedom to either explore the outdoors or choose to go inside. It has been quite a memorable experience.” – Kripa

“The Embodied Writing workshop was everything I had hoped it would be and more. The format helped create a meditative atmosphere conducive to learning and writing. Through this practice I received several insights related to bringing more joy into my life, a request from my body to move around more when I’m at work and advice from my heart to reach towards others and to aspirational goals. I also learned some new yoga postures I can use anytime.” – Sarah P.

“Jennifer weaves together music, chanting and Asana in a beautiful setting that is truly inspirational.” – Jonah L.

“I felt so rested and relaxed after restorative yoga and a massage at the retreat. It was just what I needed. I’ve been feeling the benefits all week long!” – Veronique J.

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