How to access on-line classes

Live, online classes and workshops are taught using the Zoom application.
On-demand classes are recorded videos that you can watch anytime. (See the “On-demand” section below for more details.

FIRST TIME attending LIVE online video classes?:
Please take the time to create a free Zoom account and download the app before class:
Step 1: Please create a free account at Zoom
Step 2: Download and install the Zoom app to your device (computer or smart phone)
* If your device does not have a camera installed, you will still be able to view the class.

HOW TO Register and Pay for a Live, online Yoga class:
*There is a NEW Zoom link every week for weekly yoga class with a special password for security measures.
Please click the “Register for class link” button to register for class every week – found on the “Online Classes” section at It will automatically take you to a Zoom Registration page to fill out a form to register for class.
Fill out the form with your name and email address.
Click the “Register” button at the bottom of the page. Once you click the “Register” button, you will receive an email with a link and passcode to access the class on your device.
Please double check and note the date and time of the class. The Zoom link will work at class start time.
Please register early and in advance for live classes. If there are not enough advance registrants, classes may be canceled. If so, you will be notified via email before class start time.
• To make a donation or pay for classes, please pay via PAYPAL or VENMO links – (found at the top of the “Online Classes” section). If you would like to pay by personal check, please email us for name and address information.
• For donation-based classes, no one is turned away for lack of funds. Your generous donations also help to make class accessible for others who may be struggling financially. Donations are greatly appreciated. Helping to spread the word by sharing class notifications with friends & family is also valuable and greatly appreciated. Many thanks for your support!

Optional MUSIC for Yoga class
If you would like to hear a music while practicing, you have the option to listen to a Spotify playlist. To access:
Step 1: Please create a free account at Spotify
Step 2: Jennifer will post a link to a suggested playlist in the “Chat” window on zoom. See “Chat” link at the bottom of the Zoom screen once the class starts.
Step 3: In addition, you can find all of Jennifer’s playlists on Spotify by searching for “InnerLotus” playlists
Step 4: Please play the music playlist on a separate device from the one you are accessing Zoom on – so you can hear the class instruction from Zoom clearly.

HOW TO prepare for a live, online yoga class:
• Please wear comfortable, stretchy clothing
• Bring a yoga mat, two blocks and 1 or 2 pillows. Optional: a blanket and socks for warmth, an eye pillow
• If you are practicing on hard wood floors, please bring a blanket, for padding your knees.
• You may use a strap or other props as well, props are encouraged, but may not be taught by instructor or required
• Please clear enough safe space for you and your yoga mat so that you are protected, away from bookcases or objects that might fall or impede your practice. Be safe.
• Please use a sticky mat that does not slide on flooring and test it out before practice.
• You can have your video ON or OFF for class. This is a personal preference for each attendee. Some students feel like having the video on makes them feel part of a larger group and some feel more at ease with the camera off. It is up to you and your comfort level. It is NOT required.

How to access an On Demand class or workshop:
• You can purchase a pre-recorded class or workshop on the “Online Classes” section in the “On Demand Video Classes” section.
• Please click the “Access Class” button to purchase a class. This button will take you to Paypal to purchase. (If you prefer to use Venmo, personal check, or another method, please contact Jennifer for access.)
• If using the automated Paypal link, you will be sent to the Paypal page for that class. Once you make a payment you will receive an email with a link to access the video.
• If you have any trouble accessing, please contact Jennifer for assistance.
• Video content is under © copyright and privacy. Please do not distribute.