Energy Healing

Private and Remote offerings include:

• Chakra assessment & rebalancing
• Reiki & Rahanni – energy work
• Crystal Healing – using high-vibrational crystals
• Personal Sound Healing – with Tuning Forks, Singing Bowls and more
• Rose Healing & Herbal plant & flower integration

(Gift certificates available)

Although we may not be able to see the energy body – we feel it and know when our energy system needs to cleanse and re-charge. This can result in “not feeling yourself,” a lack of energy and vitality or feeling “stuck” and unable to move forward freely. Often our physical ailments are a symptom of a deeper, root cause. Energy work can help reveal and shift emotional, mental or spiritual blocks and support all the major systems of the body that rely on our vital energy to be evenly balanced for optimal functioning.

My intuitive healing sessions combine a variety of modalities, or can be customized to only one if desired. They include:

Chakra re-balancing

Have your energy centers assessed, cleared, re-balanced and energized in a custom-designed session using a combination of the following modalities.

Reiki & Rahanni

Directing and enhancing vital life force energy to core energy centers with hands-on or minimal touch if required. Jennifer is a certified Master Level Reiki healer and a Rahanni Celestial energy healer.

Crystal Healing

High-vibrational crystals are used on and around the body for specific energy centers to free and enhance the flow of energy.

Sound Healing

Tuning Forks, Tibetan and Crystal bowls, and Rattles may be used on or around the body. Sound easily penetrates to work directly on internal muscles, organs and energy centers to break through blocks and stimulate a harmonious flow of energy. Vibrational Therapy. Treat yourself to a personal sound bath!

Rose Healing

Using fresh roses to absorb and transmute lower vibrations in the energy field – roses are a powerful healing medicine! If you have experienced a recent emotional trauma, suffer from PTSD or even heartbreak – rose healing can help to gently bring your heart back home. This session also uses rose essences.

To schedule a session

To experience a personalized energy session, please contact Jennifer to book. You will receive a brief intake form to begin your customized session. (Please specify what modalities are interested in receiving.)

$125. per hour // Sliding scale available if needed, please inquire.
Gift certificates are also available, please inquire.

Remote sessions available anywhere via Zoom.

In-person private sessions in San Francisco, CA
Please allow extra time upon arrival for check-in.
Complimentary herbal tea available if on-site.
Sessions are performed on a massage table with comfortable clothing on.

To Pay for a session

You can now pay for sessions using Paypal or Venmo:

Thank you for taking this extra, special time for self care.

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