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Energy Flow Yoga – Saturdays

Join me for a flowing, deeply healing, breath-centered practice to move, meditate, and consciously raise our energetic vibration.

Saturday April 1st, 2023 – 9:30am (Pacific) – 1 hour
$15-25 suggested donation. Please share w/ friends & family.
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Manifestation: Working with a Crystal Grid, Mantra & Meditation

Build a crystal grid to help manifest your intentions for the new year or anytime of year! Learn how to work with it daily, using meditation & mantra to energize and build your practice. *This class requires multiple crystals and a clear quartz point to build your grid during class.

1 hour $25 (includes Video and PDF grid and instructions)

“I did a grid for a new career path myself and it completely worked. It helped me to be extra clear about what I wanted – and I got it! My career is in line with my values and brings me joy. Thank you for introducing me to the crystal grid. The intention and energy of it was a strong factor in the realization of my dreams.” Tatiana

InnerLotus Meditation

Learn the deeper meaning behind the image of the Lotus flower – symbol and way-shower of the path to enlightenment – and learn multiple ways to bring Lotus energy into your life in new and exciting ways. We will practice a guided meditation using breath and visualization to activate and open your inner lotus!
1 hour$25

InnerLotus – Lotus Flow – Yoga Class

This special, invigorating yoga class incorporates the Lotus Mudra into a Vinyasa flow sequence to open the crown and heart chakras. Breathe, move, meditate, raise your energetic vibration!
1 hour$10-25 suggested donation

Chakra Balancing with Mudra & Mantra

Join me for a guided practice using mudras (hand gestures) and Mantras (vocal sound) to cleanse and energize each chakra energy center to its highest potential. Visual and guided interactive practice. (Purchase includes video and PDF guide instructions for home practice)
1 hour$25 suggested donation

Make Magical Ghee

Learn how to make your own Ghee (clarified butter) – used to flavor & cook food, and as a medicine in Ayurveda with many healing properties. Tradition is to make it during the full moon while using a healing mantra so it carries high levels of prana/vital life force energy. Learn how to make it and learn the mantra.
45min – $10-25 suggested donation

Chakra clearing w/ Mantras & Sacred Geometry

Join me for a self-healing practice using Mantras (powerful chants) and Sacred Geometry (visual symbols) to cleanse, clear and energize the chakras. We will work with Sri Yantra, OM and Chakra Yantras and Beeja mantras.
Visual talk and interactive practice
1 hour $25.

Working with the Energy Body – Part 1

In part 1 we will learn about our Energy system, the nadis, the chakras, how they flow, and how we can begin to feel and work with them consciously – with breath, movement, and other fun tools!
Visual talk and interactive practice
1.5 hour (2 videos) $35.

Working with the Energy Body – Part 2

Join me for part 2 where we will go deeper into chakras, explore lesser known chakras, and learn ways to ground and clear our energy field using natural elements, sound, crystals and more!
Visual talk and interactive practice
1.5 hour (2 videos) – $35.

Crystal Healing – 1

Learn how to work with crystals to cleanse and energize your energy body! We will learn what’s special about crystals, how to choose, cleanse and program them, how to clear chakras and more.
Visual talk and interactive practice
1 hour

Meditation for Self-Healing
(& Earth Healing!)

Join Jennifer for light stretching, breathing, meditation and visualization. Learn to connect to planetary energies for self-healing, grounding and purification and also send healing energy for others and the planet.
Guided, visual meditation video
30-min – $5-25 suggested donation

Self-healing with the Sacred Rose

Tune into the Rose – the highest vibrational frequency 320MHz! – in a guided meditation and healing ritual of deep kindness, self-love and renewal. *Bring fresh Roses (of any color) to work with. Visual talk and interactive practice
1 hour $25.

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