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Jennifer teaches Vinyasa Flow Yoga:
Mondays from 5:30-6:30pm
Saturdays from 10:00-11:10am

4th Floor Wellness Studio at the Embarcadero YMCA, 169 Steuart Street, San Francisco CA – for members and guests with day passes.

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About Jennifer Barone


Jennifer considers yoga a path to experiencing and celebrating life to its fullest as an expression of gratitude. Her classes focus on bringing awareness, self-love and healing intention from our breath to our bodies – deeply connecting to our vital life force energy and our highest self through conscious movement.

She believes yoga is a truly flexible practice, designed to meet us where we are – in the present moment. She strives to create a welcoming, non-competitive practice that is  compassionate and invigorating for every-body regardless of age, shape, background or belief system. She strives to make yoga a tangible and accessible philosophy that is meaningful and applicable to daily life, on and off the mat.

Jennifer has been practicing yoga since 1998, is a certified yoga instructor since 2003 and has taught weekly yoga classes, workshops and retreats in New York City and San Francisco ever since. She teaches an intuitive, multi-level Vinyasa flow class incorporating techniques from various disciplines including Kundalini, Qi Gong and Embodiment / Energy Work. She also enjoys teaching Restorative Yoga, Meditation and incorporating sound healing modalities.


Her interest in energy work has lead Jennifer to become a certified, master-level Reiki healer and she offers a unique form of personalized, energy healing sessions using Reiki energy, high-vibrational Crystals and Sound Healing with tuning forks, and Tibetan and crystal singing bowls to balance the chakras and enhance energy flow. 

In her personal life Jennifer loves to travel and has studied art and design. She is a published poet and organizes community readings. She also practices Japanese tea ceremony in the Zen tradition. She believes that all art forms are a way of connecting to our inner world and allow us a channel to express what feels inexpressible.


Styles of Yoga:

Yoga means “to create union, to join, to tie the strands of the mind together.” With this concept I teach a practice of asanas (postures) that flow seamlessly together, connected and led by awareness of breath, in a moving meditation that joins the body, breath, mind and spirit to move together as one.

Hatha / Vinyasa Flow

Multi-level – Beginner – Advanced: A flowing sequence of postures that gently builds heat within the body. A strong focus on linking breath to movement through transitions from one posture to the next, creating a fluid, moving meditation. Sequences work through all areas of the body, including standing, seated, spinal twists, forward and back bends, inversions and a final relaxation. Great for those who need to move their bodies to build heat and burn impurities while also feeling grounded and relaxed. 


Restorative Yoga

A practice of reclining postures utilizing a multitude of props to effortlessly gain the benefits of a well-rounded Yoga practice. Zero impact, great for any level. Perfect for those who suffer from anxiety, stress and restlessness and could benefit from deep relaxation. I call this “dessert yoga” because it is very relaxing and enjoyable.

Ergonomic / Office Yoga

Simple stretches that can be performed standing or seated, focusing on common areas of the body that are affected from sitting at a desk or doing general office tasks. For any level, it can be practiced in a conference room, office space and even in an office chair.

Guided Breathing / Pranayama

Pranayama (vital life force expansion) uses various methods of working with and controlling the breath while cleansing Nadis (energy channels) within the body. These practices can be incorporated into a Hatha or Flow class or can be practiced on their own in reclining or seated postures.


Guided Meditation

Develop a comfortable seated posture, breath awareness and work toward stilling the mind. It can include cultivating positive thinking, awareness of body and thought patterns, mudras (hand gestures), chakras (energy-centers) and visualizations. Meditation can be incorporated into a Hatha or Flow class and can be practiced on its own in seated postures.