Recommended Reading

Recommended Props

Natural Oils used at the end of class: SumBody Headache Zapper Oil
Eye Pillows: This eye pillow is uniquely designed to be light and not lay too heavy on your eyes, hand-made and custome-ordered: Yoga Moves
Yoga Mat: I use this mat because it’s eco-friendly, you can fold it and it pops back in shape. It’s super sticky and light-weight: Kulae 3mm EcoMat yoga mat

Centers, Teachers and Friends

SF Zen Center
Sound Healing Center
The Center SF
Saeeda Hafiz – Yoga & Nutrition
Body Mind Centering – Bonnie Cohen
Grand Master Mantak Chia
Amber Field Music & Sound Healing
YogaScope – Carl Horowitz
Reflections Yoga – Paula Tursi

Atmananda – Jhon Tamayo and Sabina Stahl
Jared Hirsch – at Down Under Yoga