The 5 Prana Vayus – the 5 Winds

Prana – The Vital Life Force energy.


The Prana Vayus (the five winds), are subtle channels in which prana is distributed throughout our being. Below is a brief summary:

Prana Vayu – Felt and distributed by the Inhalation and organs of respiration from the heart to the throat (upward flow of prana)

Apana Vayu – Felt and distributed by the Exhalation (downward flow of prana) and affects the processes of elimination

Udana Vayu – Felt and distributed in a circular pattern around the throat and head and affects the throat, neck, thyroid / metabolism, the power of speech

Vyana Vayu – Felt and distributed by the heart (flow of prana from the heart out to the extremities – hands and feet), affects the blood, lymphatic and nervous system

Samana Vayu – Circular distribution around the navel from the inside out, affects the small intestine, digestion, especially agni – the digestive fire in the belly.

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