Yoga on the road

Over the holidays and New Years break I hit the road to southern California. Sometimes breaking out of my daily environment helps me to see life clearly and creates a new space for reflection. Doing yoga on the road however can be a challenge. I usually bring a travel mat with me and try to find places to practice in my room or on the hotel grounds. Or – you can find some more unusual places to practice, like the great outdoors! On my trip I seemed to find a lot of famous trees and environments that inspired me to do one of my favorite postures – tree pose! Enjoy – and I hope the new year brings many unusually new ways of doing everyday things.
 Tree Pose in Indian Canyon in Palm Springs CA
Warrior 2 Pose in Joshua Tree national park
Tree Pose in Joshua Tree national park
Tree Pose against the Pacific Ocean in Morro Bay
Tree Pose with the famous “lone tree” on the 17 mile drive in Carmel / Pebble Beach

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