Energy Healing with Crystals, Reiki & Sound


Sometime in 2017 I became attracted to crystals in a huge way! I’m not exactly sure how it started. On a trip to India the year prior, I had acquired a set of crystals with chakra symbols carved on them from Amma’s ashram. I thought they were quite beautiful and I vowed to us them in meditation. When I returned I began noticing crystals more and became mesmerized, developing a spontaneous collection of them.

It seemed the whole world around me had suddenly become equally enchanted by them and lately I have noticed more and more crystal shops popping up everywhere I look. In retrospect I have always loved crystals, ever since I was a little girl. I remember walking around with a small, velvet pouch around my neck with a rose quartz crystal. I wore it for years and would hang it by my bedside at night when I slept. I also wore a quartz crystal point when I was little and had a very special piece of azurite malachite I loved to hold and touch that I felt mesmerized by. I wish I had held on to those pieces of my youth, but somehow they got lost in the shuffle of life. However, I still clearly, love crystals very much!

Back to 2017, I began feeling drawn to buying crystals and reading books on crystal healing. Around this time, I had developed a structural problem at the base of my cranium which had developed a small hole that sprung a spontaneous cerebral spinal drip from my left nostril! At first I thought it was a nasal drip as doctors had also thought. But after multiple tests I found that I actually needed brain surgery to fix the problem, by entering through my nose. It suddenly sounded more serious that I thought.


During this time, I continued practicing yoga as well as meditation as part of my typical yoga practice. I also began to experiment and incorporate the use of crystals into my meditation practice. At night I developed a ritual that would end with me lying down placing various crystals in my energy body and on top of my chakras. This helped me to feel grounded and ease my worried mind. The fact that crystals were thousands of years old and came from deep inside the earth gave me the feeling of strength and grounding I was seeking. It felt comforting just to hold them in my hands when I sat in meditation.

To my surprise during this time, while lying with crystals on my chakra points, deep emotions arose. Sometimes I would find myself crying and not know exactly why. Sometimes thoughts that felt like they were embedded deep in the fibers of my body felt like they were rising to the surface and exposing themselves in my mind’s eye. I had many revelations and I am still experimenting with various crystals and their healing effects. The hospital even let me take an MRI while holding my crystals for support. I was very happy about that as it helped me to feel calm and grounded through the unsettling experience and this time of fear and uncertainty.

Thoughts, emotions, feelings all affect what is happening in our energy system. Oftentimes tension in the body, aches, pains and diseases can all be tied back to our thoughts and emotions. In a way you can say that physical ailments may start in the mind before they manifest in the body. Whatever tools we can use to unearth and release old emotional and mental patterns is a progressive step for our health and wellbeing. Luckily we have many tools that we can use. In working in the energy system we wind up finding the emotional and mental root of our issues.

I began reading more and more books on the subject to understand. Crystals are mysterious and magical natural objects. But in my experience they seem to be alive with a special kind of energy and healing ability. For instance, Quartz crystals are used inside watches to keep time, they vibrate at 60 seconds per minute when electricity is run through them – another way they are grounding – they help to develop a steady flow and rhythm. They are also used in computers and operate as semi-conductors, allowing for the flow of information much like they do in our energy system. Not only do they look magical – they carry a very practical kind of magic. There is much to be discovered.


In short, crystals allow for a steady flow in our energy system and when placed with the intention to heal, they work to clear and enhance our energy body. The best way to achieve an optimum effect is to cleanse the crystal and then charge with an intention toward the highest healing purpose, dedicating it as a tool for healing. Quartz crystal is the basic and most versatile to start with, but other types of crystals, especially ones that come in various colors – have different affects that correlate to various points in the chakra system.

This exploration in crystal healing naturally lead to wanting to understand how to incorporate healing with the hands to work with crystals to move energy. This practice is called “Reiki” – a Japanese tradition of directing energy with the hands. Reiki healers are given an initiation ceremony that opens energy channels in the hands and sometimes the feet, where they are given symbols that work with various types of energy – emotional, mental and time-based. In other traditions it may be called “laying on of hands” or “Prana, Chi or Qi” healing.

In my experience, the two practices of crystal healing and Reiki are complimentary and work well toward a powerful effect to clear blockages and enhance and amplify energy in an open energy channel.


I am happy to announce that I became a certified, master-level Usui Reiki practitioner this year and I have been experimenting further using crystals, Reiki and sound healing with tuning forks, Tibetan and crystal singing bowls that help to create a harmonious vibration in the body. These practices of energy or “vibrational” therapy – all help to clear, enhance and raise our energy. I feel it is a field that will continue to grow as we find new ways of understanding and working with healing energy.

If you are intrigued and would like to try a personalized, energy healing session with me, please check out my energy healing page on to schedule a session. These sessions work to assess what’s happening in the energy system, clear blocks and enhance flow. The affects are deeply relaxing as most deep healing can only happen when we are relaxed.

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